MaBozo is a custom software development company that offers programing, design and consulting services. We are also developing and publishing high quality interactive applications and books. Our team is built upon a strong foundation of experienced programmers, talented artists and designers with many years of experience. Devotion, knowledge and creativity are our main sources to bring something new and entertaining for Young and Old.


   Games for the whole family


IQ Safari – Playful Math with Leo is for kids from preschool up to third grade and is a fun way to learn math!
IQ Safari Math is developed in collaboration with kids and teachers. The app is based on the swedish curriculum and allows parents and teachers to have insight into each users progress.
Together with Leo you can revise two of the basic arithmetic operations, addition and subtraction, and at the same time train your memory. IQ Safari Math will also guide you along the way by showing you a step by step counting. Playing IQ Safari Math is a lot of fun where you also can relax with mini games, earn and collect stars, achievements and accessories to your avatar. Here you can play and learn in a relaxed pace, with no time pressure. 
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We make reading fun for the little ones

MaBozo is also a publishing company that is aiming for presenting high standard iBooks, that addresses to everyone who loves stories. Our books are built up and illustrated with a fabulous artistic and genuine touch. We combine our game developer experience and our passion for story telling to develop a new interactive book engine, that allows us to easily and effectively convert traditional books to an interactive form with rich visual. Our interactive books will be available on iOS and Android platforms.

My Polka Dotted Pig

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